About 100 years in the future, through climate change and nuclear war, Earth’s landscape has long been transformed into an unrecognizable dystopian mess. A gloomy toxic atmosphere transformed the planet into a rather alien-looking one. Most of humanity has gone extinct, leaving only self-sustaining tech they produced for their unsustainable habits.

Through this drone-ridden landscape, a lone human walks up to a long-range transmitter array where he prepares to perform a ritual. The ritual reflects an abstract culture developed in humanity’s final decades when the borders between religion and technology faded.

The message is an extension of his state of mind for which he performs a special ritual involving auditory frequencies. Certain “musical” elements are required to align.

Creative direction: @remirakeem , @illiyakorniyenko
Camera: @remirakeem
Sound Design: @illiyakorniyenko
Writing: @remirakeem , @illiyakorniyenko
Assistance: @celestalyd

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